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Days 3&4

day 3 - your views on drugs and alcohol.
day 4 - your views on religion.

Day 3--your views on drugs and alcohol.

Hmmm. Personally, I've never taken any drugs illegally. As for alcohol--I got drunk exactly once in my entire life, and that was completely by accident. During my theatre class in London I attended a completely horrible production of Romeo and Juliet. By the time the first act ended and the intermission was called I was ready to pass out from sheer indignation. To calm myself down, I ordered a glass of lemonade from the snack counter.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be hard lemonade. Seeing as I was already half-asleep, I downed the whole glass in one gulp and didn't notice the difference in taste. Trying to get home by bus that night was fun.

So yeah. No more alcohol for me.

Day 4--your views on religion

My family is Mahayana Buddhist, but in practice I'm very much agnostic. Generally I stay out of religious debates.

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